This level is open to children aged 5-6 and includes 4 hours of professional ballet training per week. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for Professional Primary level training.

Compared to other classes for the same age group, this program will focus more on developing children’s concentration and ballet fundamentals, including flexibility and strength training, using the Vaganova method of the Russian school of ballet. PPB will include preparatory classical ballet training, classical ballet repertoire, and RAD beginner level dance training.

Due to the young age of the children at the PPB level, they require more careful attention from the teacher, so each class will have a maximum of 6 students.

此级别招收5-6岁的孩童,每周将会有4个小时的专业芭蕾训练。此项目设计的目的是为Professional Primary 做训练预备准备。


Audition is required.