This level is open to students aged 12-14, and there will be approximately 15 hours of systematic rehearsal each week. The goal of this program is to enable dancers to complete a certain number of classical ballet variations on pointe, while also participating in RAD exams for Intermediate or Advanced Foundation levels.

This program will include classical ballet, ballet supplementary, classical ballet variations, pointe technique, ballet repertoire, modern dance, and modern dance repertoire, among others. Dancers at this level possess the skills and basic requirements of professional ballet dancers. Additionally, they will participate in international ballet competitions. If there are better career development opportunities available, RPBA encourages students to develop and learn in professional ballet schools or company.

此级别招收9-12岁的孩童,每周将会有12小时左右的系统训练。此项目的设计目的是为了能让学生良好的完成一定质量的古典芭蕾变奏,同时参加考试RAD Grade 5 或者职业级别一级(Intermediate foundation)的考核。


Audition is required.