Damarise is interested in dance as a celebratory and joyful experience; as an expression of balance between the individual and the collective; as the embodiment of culture; and as physical communication of the sacred and the beautiful.

Teacher Training Highlight:

  • Vancouver: professional development with Mariah-Jane Thies and with ArtStarts 2018-2019
  • Toronto: ongoing personal mentorship with Sarina Condello in creative arts education Since 2010
  • Québec City: ballet teacher training with Code Universel, and various training workshops 2010-2014
  • Toronto: study of Dance and the Child with professor Mary-Elizabeth Manley 2008-2009
  • Independent Study Axis Syllabus International Research Network: functional movement principles Since 2012
  • Vancouver: cajon drumming, vocal improvisation, clown theatre Since 2017
  • Brazil: Brazilian partner dances, Samba No Pé, African dance/percussion Since 2015
  • Senegal – École des Sables: contemporary and traditional African dances Aug 2013/17
  • South Africa: Gumboot dance, Afro-Fusion, contemporary 2012, 2017
  • Québec City – L’Artère: contemporary dance workshops 2012–2015

Languages: English, French, basic Portuguese

Teaching Styles: Ballet Contemporary Choreography Afro-Fusion Brazilian Samba Gumboot/Body Percussion Parent-Child Creative Dance Musical Theatre Partner Dance Basics Functional Anatomy Dance for Elders